Article discusses the uncertainties facing the employees of the Rosemary mill. WestPoint Stevens decision to close the Rosemary Complex has over 300 workers trying to find new jobs in a sluggish economy. The details of how the layoffs would be implemented is unknown as of May 5, 2003. The local 1948-6 UNITE member and company representatives are scheduled to meet May 6. The plant closure was a surprise to UNITE 1948-6 workers because they had already negotiated rates for the Basic Bedding operations they were initially supposed to switch into. Before the closing announcement, it was understood that the Indiana plant would be closed and its operations would be brought to the Rosemary Plant. The equipment needed to reconfigure the plant from towels to bedding had already been delivered to the Rosemary plant when the closing decision came. Brenda Gibson, local 1948-6 vice president comments that she wants to stay in Roanoke Rapids along with her daughter. Many employees are deciding to go back to school to learn a new skill. Carolyn Bracey, international UNITE representative states that once the NAFTA bill passed, garment shops and textile mills started closing.





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