Around 1910, C. H. Robinson and prominent Elizabeth City businessmen built a bridge and road to connect Elizabeth City with Camden at the Pecan Farm. The bridge charged a toll to cross over but the road that crossed over Goat Island and Machelhe Island proved to be horrible. It was cut through the swamp and used sawdust, scraps, and dirt to make the roadbed. Bad weather and hurricanes made the road impassable. Finally, in 1923, The Floating Road was built at height of approximately 3 feet above the swamp. It rested on cement braces and pilings. The road was only 18 feet wide and still flooded during storms. During Wold War II, the Huffman Company built the Camden Causeway by pumping in almost 900,000 cubic yards of sand to about six feet above the swamp. The Camden Causeway had proved to be one of our greatest achievements and for over 60 years continues to move traffic back and forth from Camden to Pasquotank without being slowed down by weather.





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