Black and white film describing the history of Chapel Hill and the history and activities of the University of North Carolina, especially the consolidation of the University. Frank P. Graham, R. B. House, and other university administrators make brief appearances. There are descriptions of Franklin Street businesses, like Andrews-Henninger Co. and Varsity Department Store, Wentworth & Sloan Jewelers, The College Shop and Carolina Bootery, Jack Lipman. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Merchants Association. The Hospital Savings Association. City Hall, Village Mayor R. W. Madry, the police department, the WDUK radio station, the Carolina Theater. Agricultural resources of Orange County, Farmers Cooperative Dairy Inc. Hill Bakery & Pastry Shop. Montjoy & Leigh Food Store. Seafood Grill. Harry's Delicatessen. Danziger's Coffee Shop. Famous writers Paul Green, James Street, Noel Houston, Betty Smith, Josephina Nichols, James Saxton Childers, Daphne Athas. Service Insurance and Real Estate Company. J. B. Goldston. Johnson Stroud Ward Furniture Company. The Whitehall Shop. University Florist. Bennett and Blocksidge Coal Yard. Huggins Hardware. Yates Brothers Plumbing and Heating Service. Chapel Hill Research and Planning Board. Hazard Motor Company. Senters' Drug Store. Knight-Campbell Hardware. Smith Provost Cleaners. Chapel Hill-Carrboro Service Clubs. Chapel Hill High School. the local Rec Center. Terrace Supper Club. Bank of Chapel Hill. Ledbetter Pickard Stationery Store. Foister's Camera Store. Sloan Drug Store. Strowd Motor Company. Digitized from a VHS tape, the film's visuals can be blurry or poor quality.