The first Albert Schweitzer International Prizes Awards Ceremony, October 23, 1975, held in Wilmington, NC at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The Prizes were founded to honor the memory of Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, clergyman, and Nobel prize-winner. The first prizes were awarded on the 100th anniversary of Schweitzer’s birth. The awardees who were in attendance were Mother Teresa of Calcutta in the humanities, Gian Carlo Menotti, music, and Dr. Theodor Binder, medicine. The Prizes continued to be awarded once every 5 years through the early 1990s and then developed into other prizes and cultural events. The event, which included choral performances, speakers including chancellor William Wagoner, and award presentations and acceptance speeches by all, including Mother Teresa of Calcutta. After this visit to Wilmington, Mother Teresa continued to New York when she was honored by the United Nations.