The newspaper archives identified the photograph as the Masonic Picnic; however, local historians agree that the picture does not portray the Masonic Picnic arbor. After eliminating Center Arbor as a possibility, the possibility exists that the picture may have been taken at the old Baptist Arbor which stood off of North Main Street near the end of town and had the capacity to seat 2,000 people. The Baptist Arbor hosted the annual Sunday School and Orphanage Picnic to benefit the Thomasville Orphanage from 1891 to 1905. In 1906, the arbor was dismantled and moved to Thomasville to be rebuilt on the grounds of the Mills Home. A letter from Mrs. E. Frost written in 1892 talks about the two picnics held in Mocksville, stating "the Masonic Picnic was much larger in number and wickedness. No drinking at the Orphanage (picnic), but at the Masonic they were fighting before twelve." Sunnyside Academy also held commencement ceremonies at the Baptist Arbor. (Courtesy of the Salisbury Post.)





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