Ira Raper Gunn was from Wentworth, North Carolina and attended Elon College from 1913 until he graduated in 1917. While at Elon, he was involved with the following organizations and leadership positions: Clio Literary Society, Y.M.C.A., Secretary and Treasurer for the College Band (1915-1916), Clio Debater (1915), President of the Rockingham County Club (1916), Varsity Track (1915-1916), Class Basketball (1916-1917), Gymnasium Team (1916-1917), Secretary for the Young Men’s Club (1917), Treasurer for the Rockingham County Club (1917), Chapel Monitor (1917), and Assistant Business Manager of the Phi Psi Cli yearbook (1917). In 1918, Gunn was inducted into the United State military and trained with the 20th Division at Camp Sevier in Greenville, South Carolina. This scrapbook contains materials related to World War I, ranging from Gunn’s personal induction papers to clippings from state and national newspapers. Articles, photographic prints, and political cartoons appear from newspapers and magazines (such as Life). Gunn seems to have taken a particular interest in newspaper clippings regarding soldiers from Rockingham County, N.C. (his home). Also included is a Y.M.C.A. pamphlet titled “Some of the Things You Ought to Know About Soldier Life” and a general chronology of World War I. Personal papers within the scrapbook include Gunn’s Order of Induction into the Military Service of the United States, Selective Service Law instructions to appear for a physical examination, Notice of Classification, and a Registration Certificate (all from 1918). There are several pictures of Gunn shortly before leaving for military camp and photographs of him at the military camp. The 1931 Elon College Alumni Directory reports that Gunn married Anne W. Lasley in 1922, had a child named Virginia Anne, and worked in the Accounting Department of a Tobacconist in Danville, Virginia. In the 1948 Elon College Alumni Directory, he is listed as residing in Wilson, N.C., and was the Office Manager of Export Leaf Tobacco Company. The 1979 Elon College Alumni Directory mentions him as being retired in Wilson, N.C. He died October 14, 1992.





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