Mary Margaret Miller Hardcastle, from Luray, Virginia, attended Elon College from 1918-1922. According to the 1922 Phi Psi Cli yearbook, she was involved with the following during her time at Elon: member of the Psiphelian Literary Society, Beta Omicron Beta, sponsor for the tennis team (1919), Secretary for the Freshman-Sophomore Debate (1919), member of the Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (1920-1921), member of the Student Council (1920), served as Vice-President of her class (1920), Marshal during the Psiphelian Program (1921), Psiphelian Essayist Medal (1921), Psiphelian Commencement Representative (1921), member of the Ophelia Dramatic Club (1921), Senior Debater (1922), Vice-President of the Christian Endeavor Society (1922), President of the Psiphelian Entertainment (1922), and Senior Class Historian (1922). She was valedictorian of her class. The scrapbook contains materials from 1919-1921. The majority of the scrapbook is made up of letters, notes, postcards, photographs, and programs mostly relating to Elon College. Specifically, there are quite a few letters from friends and her husband, Howard “Hardy” Scott Hardcastle. Moreover, there are a few pages with postcards depicting Yale University campus buildings and scenes, as well as some photographs from Yale football games. H.S. Hardcastle graduated from Yale Divinity School in 1922. The programs included in the scrapbook are primarily from the three Literary Societies at Elon College, as well as the freshman-sophomore debate and commencement. There are programs from choral society events and the Beta Omicron Beta society. In addition to the programs, there are quite a few hand-made craft items and cut-outs, such as cats and witch hats for Halloween and turkey’s for Thanksgiving. Many newspaper clippings can also be found within this scrapbook. During the time Mary attended Elon, students were required to obtain permission from the Dean of Women or the Dean of Men to leave campus and there are quite a few Dean’s permit slips granting Mary permission to travel off campus. Two pages of the scrapbook document daily events in which Mary participated. There are quite a few photographs in the scrapbook that show Elon students on campus (some wearing uniforms), as well as a variety of campus scenes. Most of the photographs are labeled. Specifically, there are pictures of West Dormitory, the water tower, the old well near Whitley Auditorium, the Old Main Administration Building, the senior oak tree, the Elon train station, and downtown Elon. Other photographs include images of baseball players, football games, track events, women playing tennis, female students in formation that show the letters SATC (Student Army Training Corp), and students from the domestic science department. A picture of the first Japanese student at Elon, Toshio Sato, can be found in this scrapbook. Some non-Elon related photographs include pictures of female students camping in the woods, hiking trips to Ossipee, and waterfalls near Ossipee, North Carolina. Mary Margaret Miller Hardcastle was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Miller of Luray, Virginia. She married Howard Scott Hardcastle (class of 1919 and former president of the Southern Convention of Congregational and Christian Churches) of Dover, Delaware, on August 28, 1922. After married, they lived in Defiance, Ohio for a few years where H.S. Hardcastle was a professor of Religious Education at Defiance College. They had two children, June and Howard Scott, Jr. Over the years they lived various places in Virginia. Mary passed away during the fall of 1992 in Blacksburg, Virginia.





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