This scrapbook belonged to Vitus Reid Holt, who was a Burlington, North Carolina native, and the oldest of twelve children of Mr. and Mrs. W. Kirk Holt. He attended Elon during the 1909-1910 and 1910-1911 school years. This scrapbook contains photos of the buildings on campus during Holt’s time at Elon, which included: West Dormitory, the Old Main Administration Building, East Dormitory, and the Lawrence/Baxter House on Haggard Avenue (present site of McMichael Science Center). Also included are other photographs and photographic postcards, dating up to 1915, showing campus life. Specific subjects of interest include a photographic postcard of the 1909 football team, who were disbanded after three games because they ignored the demands of faculty council. There are also photos of students wearing uniforms (which were required during the 1910s) and the well-known senior oak tree. Additionally, there are several pictures of Vitus R. Holt with his wife, Blanche Bradshaw Holt, who was a nurse. During his time as a student at Elon, Vitus R. Holt served as a marshal at the 1910 Annual Entertainment event of the Philologian Literary Society. He also served as the Secretary of East Dormitory’s Self-Government Club during the 1910-1911 school year. The Self-Government Club was created by the faculty during the preceding year in order to help manage the misbehavior of East Dormitory residents, and it was the first form of student government at Elon College. After leaving Elon College, Vitus R. Holt stayed in the Burlington, N.C. area. He later became the owner and manager of his father’s business, Kirk Holt Hardware Company of Burlington, N.C. He served as the president of the Association of Hardware Dealers for the Carolinas, president of the Burlington Rotary Club, chairman of the trustees at First Christian Church of Burlington, and was a Mason. Additionally, he served on the Board of Trustees at Elon College from 1936 until 1959, when he died at age 67. Following in his father’s footsteps, he also served as the President of the Board of Trustees for the Elon Home for Children from 1938 until his death. Vitus and his siblings, as well as their families, contributed more than $50,000 for Holt Memorial Chapel to be built as a worship center for the Elon Home for Children in 1956, and he spoke representing the family and Board of Trustees at the chapel’s dedication service. Vitus R. Holt died on March 8, 1959, and John G. Truitt, Sr. conducted his funeral. In 2003, Elon University purchased land belonging to the Elon Homes for Children, including the Holt Chapel. The university restored the chapel in 2005, and it is currently open for use.





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