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Gilbert Warren Boone, a farmer and Nash County Farm Agent, gives a long and anecdote-filled interview. His first topic is his mother, Betty Warren Boone, who grew up in the Salem community. As children she and her sister attended the Mount Pleasant School near Bailey, where they boarded Mondays through Fridays, returning home on weekends via bus and train via Wilson. Boone describes a time the sisters missed their train connection and had to spend the night in Wilson. Betty next went to the Greensboro Industrial College for six months to get her teacher certification. She began teaching at age 17 at the White Oak School and married the next year. She and her husband honeymooned at the cotton field because they had to chop cotton the next morning. Her husband, Boone's father, was a life-long tenant farmer, and Boone has a lot to say about the good aspects of growing up as he did (everyone in the family working together; he felt they were comfortable and happy, with "good stable parents") and the bad aspects of tenant farming (including some anecdotes of his family's having been taken advantage of by the "tight" farm landlords). Boone talks about raising pigs as a child; his happy experiences as a teenager attending FFA Camp for two weeks every summer; two funny memories of his maternal grandparents (Bryant and Powell families); his eccentric car-loving Uncle Luther; and a controversy he got into with a townsperson over taking care of a cow with two tails. Gilbert Boone says he saved seven hundred dollars and went to State College, working his way through school. He married in 1952 and started farming, buying over 100 acres of land from Mr. Ora Mitchell, who dealt fairly and even generously with him. Boone and his wife Lois Jean (former Miss Rocky Mount) had two sons and two daughters. Boone was appointed Assistant Nash County Farm Manager, and then County Farm Manager.





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