Silk fabric with linen backing. Fabric and stitching substantially discolored and faded. Embroidered wreath with flowers, vine, and doves. Original colors included two shades of green, two shades of red/rose, blue, brown, gray, and off-white/cream. Dated March 30, 1838. -Printed- text in the center reads "SISTER, FAITHFUL AS THE DOVE LET US PRESERVE THE WREATH THAT EARLY LOVE HAS ENTWINED AROUND OUR HEARTS" and "Greensboro' Female Academy, March 30, 1838." There was a Greensboro' Female Academy founded in Greensboro in 1816 by the Rev. Dr. William D. Paisley, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. According to the April 1838 issue of The Patriot, Greensboro's newspaper, there was still a Greensboro' Female Academy in operation at that time. The exact significance of the March 30, 1838 date with respect to the Greensboro' Female Academy is undetermined at the moment. While this sampler resides in the collection of the Brock Historical Museum of Greensboro College, it is believed that this sampler is associated with that academy, rather than with the college's history. The existence of the sampler, however, does further substantiate the fact that the city of Greensboro was progressive in terms of education, particularly women's education. This sampler was originally attributed to Parthenia Leach (b. February 8, 1834 - d. April 22, 1923), ex-officio 1850, of Randolph County, NC and was presented to the college by Parthenia Leach's great niece, Mrs. Bessie Alford Ballance, ex-officio 1895. Given the date of Parthenia's time at the college (1849-50) and the date on the sampler, however, it is unlikely that the sampler was worked by Parthenia unless she had previously attended Greensboro' Female Academy.





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