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Dorothy Kirkland Ward Skinner, who lives in an old family house in the Aventon community of Nash County, shares memories from her life. Her family has lived in the house since the 1880s, and Mrs. Skinner moved there when she was eleven years old. She tells stories from her childhood, including ones about her horse Maude, riding to school on a buggy, her grandfather's death, and driving a Model T Ford. Her grandfather and uncle owned Ward's Store, which sold a little bit of everything. She then recalls her time at school. She focuses mainly on memories from the Red Oak boarding school, including time in the dining hall and a snowstorm. Skinner's mother was very talented at sewing and most types of handiwork. Her sister moved to New York and got a divorce, and her brother was injured in WWII before coming back to North Carolina to farm. She talks about places she has lived other than her current home, including Greensboro and a two-room house in Salem. Finally, she talks about her mother's and grandmother's later years.





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