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Interview with Magdelene Burt Tabron (b. 4/3/1933) as part of the Nash County Cultural Center Oral History Project. Tabron says her parents were sharecroppers; she was born in a log cabin on a farm owned by her grandfather. Discusses celebrations at Christmas and the end of harvest seasons. Talks about strong work ethic and a focus on positivity helping to overcome difficulties facing a poor, Black farming community. She recounts Hurricane Hazel, mentioning that it brought the chimney down onto their home. Tabron also recalls being ill for six months and having to re-learn how to walk after ingesting poison as a child. She describes various home remedies her grandmother used to treat asthma, colds, and other illnesses. Tabron discusses her education, says she learned to read from the Bible, attended Debro School and Spalding High School. She mentions that she was unable to finish high school due to being needed on the farm. She received an insurance license and a certificate equivalent of two years of college after taking business courses in Durham, NC through a program offered by NC Mutual Insurance Company. Decades later she went back to finish her high school; graduated at the age of 61. An artist, Tabron describes her motivation to capture images and tell stories she feels may be lost otherwise; mentions selling art at local events. She reminisces about meeting her husband; talks about his military service and that of other family and community members. Tabron talks about integration; says her oldest children were among the first sent to Spring Hope Elementary from Spalding to see if integration would work. Discusses hardships and insults the children dealt with from white classmates and both Black and white teachers. Speaks about instilling pride in her children to be strong and deal with the world then and now. Tabron mentions the role of political leaders influencing the attitude and culture of the country; cites Ronald Reagan as creating a divide in America. Reflects on John F. Kennedy; recounts hearing of his assassination. Speaks briefly about violent incidents happening during Civil Rights Movement. Tabron speaks about working to get people of color registered to vote; being scared of becoming the target of violent acts by the Ku Klux Klan, but being prepared to deal with potential issues.





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