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Interview conducted as part of the Nash County Cultural Center’s Oral History Project. Alston, born June 16, 1967, speaks about growing up in rural Nash and Franklin counties. He states that his father worked at Stalling’s Mill for over 35 years, while his mother spent over 20 years at Gates Products and Cal-Maine Egg Plant. His parents had 11 children, 6 girls and 5 boys. Alston discusses the household chores and responsibilities of the children. He reminisces about playing in the dirt and riding bikes with his brothers, and getting into trouble for being mischievous, harming chickens and eggs on the family farm. He mentions being spanked by his parents for bad behavior, and explains that he feels it’s a good practice, necessary to instill discipline in children. Alston speaks about attending Edward Best Middle School and graduating from Dunn High School in 1986. He talks about going to Sunday School every weekend as a child at Cedar Rock Baptist Church, and gives a testimonial about his devotion to Christianity. He alludes to having previously engaged in heavy drinking and questionable behavior, and explains how a serious drunk driving accident was the catalyst for turning his life around and returning to the church. Alton talks about his role as a deacon at the church, and his duties acting as the Superintendent of Sunday School and as the Cemetery Chairman. He reflects on meeting his wife, Tracy Yvonne Faraday, who had moved with her mother from Brooklynn, NY to get away from city life. He describes their wedding at Union Hill in 1993, and mentions that Tracy sang in the choir at church and worked for Consolidated Diesel. They each had a child previously, and together they have a daughter. Alton describes their home near Castalia, and says he enjoys playing basketball and lifting weights for fun. He speaks about his grandparents, describing the hard work they did at D.V. Gardiner farms. He says his parents enjoy going to ball games and playing bingo. Alton remembers various toys they received as Christmas presents, and reflects on egg hunts and sharing cards during Easter. He speaks about the pets his family had on their farm, as well as hogs and chickens. He details the slaughtering techniques, and describes the methods used for storing and preserving meats.





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