A publication created for the senior class of Goldsboro High School by the Editorial Staff, some of whom worked in previous years on the The Tarpitur yearbook. This copy belonged to the class statistician, Louise Johnston Spoon. Front matter includes portraits of the 66 seniors, including nicknames and positions held during their time at Goldsboro High School. The class mascot, young Master Randolph Middleton, is also pictured. Pages 22 to 24 -- History of the Class of '26, written by Sara Falkener. Pages 25 to 26 -- A class Prophecy, written by Prophetess Florence Johnson. Pages 27 to 28 -- The Last Will & Testament, written by Testator Bessie Barham. Page 29 -- Faculty portraits. Page 30 -- Senior Statistics, collated by Statistician Louise Johnston. Page 31 -- Jokes, written by Joke Editor Cynthia Daughtery. Included in the front cover of the volume is a formal announcement for commencement on June 3, 1926. On the first few pages inserted after the front matter fellow students and faculty have left signatures and various remembrances. Invitations and mementos from the 1925 and 1926 Junior-Senior Banqets are included with a photograph of Louise and a newspaper clipping about the banquet held on April 30, 1926. Photographs of Joe Connor from the play "O Katharina! - The Sensational European Success" by L. Wolfe Gilbert and Richard Fall follow. Photographs and postcards from a class trip to Washington, D.C. in June 1925 include snapshots, group portraits, and images of national landmarks like the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, boats on the Potomac, the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, the National Cathedral, an N & W Steamer Line ship "District of Columbia," the Library of Congress, the Pension Office, the Corcoran Art Gallery, the Smithsonian Institute, Union Station Concourse, the New Masonic Hall, and the American Red Cross building along with handwritten notes by the author next to each. A postcard of President Calvin Coolidge featuring a portrait by photographer Irving Underhill is also included. Following are a program and ticket stubs from the senior play "Bab," a comedy in four parts by Edward Childs Carpenter starring Bessie Barham. Portraits of the cast in costume and the advisor Ms. Margaret Kornegay are included after the program. Certificates, portraits of siblings, snapshots of friends and siblings, and portraits of her best friend Cynthia are also pasted in. Remembrances, letters, and calling cards are included along with the programs for Commencement and Graduation Night. The programs include text of the class poem, faculty song, class prayer, class motto, officers, class roll, and sheet music for the commencement song. Newspaper clippings about the class commencement are also included. Pressed flowers, obituaries for beloved teachers, and congratulations from friends and family round out the memory book. In the back cover, an article "Class of 1926 Holds Its 50th Reunion" (May 30, 1976) from the Goldsboro News-Argus covers the class reunion held at Goldsboro High school in that year. Editorial Staff: Robert Zealy, Editor-in-Chief; Bessie Barham, Picture Editor & Testator; Florence Johnson, Senior Write-Up Editor & Prophet; Cynthia Daughtery, Joke Editor; Sara Falkener, Historian; Louise Johnston, Statistician.





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