As far as is known the first house built in Dallas was the Jesse Holland home, situated in the eastern part of town. Well built of hand made brick the main house contained two stories of four rooms. The dining room and kitchen was built a short distance from the house. It is not known just when it was erected, but L. M. Hoffman in Our Kin says Jesse Holland lived at his father's home near Long Creek church until after the town was laid off in 1847 and soon after lived in the new home about the close of the war. Col. L. A. Mason, father of D. F. and Tate Mason, husband of Alice, bought the house and lived there for a number of years. To this home Alice went as a bride in 1873. A number of years later the house was bought by Dallas Cotton Mill Co. and owned by successors of that company today. (""The History of Dallas, N.C."" by Mrs. Allie White Hoffman, 1954)





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