Left to right, Row 1: first four unknown, Elliot Sims (behind post), Jourden Smith, Jimmy Guice, Katie Guice, Milas Allison, Jim Bell (praying hands), Clyde Blythe, unknown, George Bill (hat on knees), Clarence Orr, unknown, Joice or Everett Talley, Erdly Aiken, last two unknown; Row 2: (standing) Columbus Jackson, Vardy Davenport, (seated) Harley Lyday, Harley D. Middleton, Luny Aiken, Theodroe Davenport, Villa Parker, two unknown, Professor John Bradley, Mrs. Bradley, Belle Lyday, Willamae Bradley, Wales Lankford, Frank Woodfin, ? Aiken, Ossie Clayton, Ila Lee Lyday; Row 3: Charles Aiken, Pinkney Middleton, Carl Talley, Canaro Aiken, Verdry Blythe, Preston Norman, Gertha Clayton, Harley Merrill, Mark Clayton, Depew Orr, Hall Lyday, Virgil Lyday, Luna Aiken, Ann Lee Drake, Flay Orr; Row 4: Emmit Lyday, Terrill, Middleton, unknown, Bonnie Wilson, Leander Gillespie, Lillie Fowler, Bonnie Talley, Effie Ledbetter, Stella Fowler, Lizzy Middleton, Ollie Merrill, Awa Clayton, unknown, Polly Davenport, Bess Lyday, Davie Parker, Gennette Talley, Bula Merrill, Ashur Allison, Shack Clayton, Ruth Clayton, Ina Talley, Ellen Lyday.





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