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Interview conducted as part of the Nash County Cultural Center Oral History Project. Lynda Carol Woolard made a speech to her senior high school for Black History Month, and recounts part of it. After President Reagan signed King's birthday into a holiday, she went to the convention center to celebrate it, and saw people of "all walks of life." There were white candles everywhere, and Jennifer Holliday was singing and people were crying. Holliday sang the Black Power Anthem, and Woolard raised her fist in the black power sign. Then a white lady beside her wrapped an arm around her waist and raised her fist besides her, and Woolard felt that the raised fist became a power to the people sign instead of simply Black power, and everyone was united. In the next question, she says that as a country the U.S. moved forward, though the media stirs things up. She feels comfortable having friends of different races. She then orates a poem she wrote called "Take The Chains Off Your Brains."





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