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Interview conducted with Raefield W. Avent as part of the Nash County Oral Histories Project. Avent, born Aug. 19, 1931, discusses growing up on a farm in Franklin County near Cedar Rock Baptist Church. She says the home was comprised of her grandparents, her mother, five siblings, and three cousins; mentions her older brother acted as a father figure, helping raise the younger children. She speaks on chores, the animals on the farm, and briefly talks about slaughtering hogs. She describes playing with a dollhouse made from sticks, and mentions her mother making clothes for the dolls. Avent reflects on Christmas and Easter celebrations. She talks about attending a school across from Cedar Rock Baptist Church until she was in the fifth grade. At that point, the family moved to Nash County and she attended Castalia Elementary School. She mentions that she began going to church when she was around 10 or 11, says Sunday school had a large impact on her, and describes the clothes she wore to church. Avent discusses her activity at the church as an adult: serving as a secretary, singing in the choir, and serving on the Hospitality Committee. She mentions several pastors who served at Cedar Rock Baptist. She speaks briefly about the jobs her husband held, and mentions she has four children. Avent says she is proud of the way she was raised, and tried to raise her own children in a similar manner, mentions that she feels parents need to spend more time with their children. She talks about her pre-retirement employment, taking care of the elderly and babysitting.





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