Left to right: (first row) Mildred Wilson, Billy Greer, Erma Reel, Wayne Laughridge Dora Jean Cunningham, Stanley Vess, Gwendolyn Boone, Wilma Jean Poteat, Thelma Morgan, Tommy Marlowe, Revonda Brookshire, Hilen Mosteller, Lloyd Ray; (second row) Max Parker, Freddy Jackson, Tommy Lytle, Buddy Wise, Arnold Baker, Junior Greer, Margaret Kaylor, Jerald Womack, Nancy Marlowe, Kathryn Ledbetter, Doris Burton, Jean Williams, bety Wilkerson, Thomas Parker; (third row) Jack Marlowe, Guy Lane, Ernest Ledbetter, Laura Ann Parker, Mary Sumlin, Mary Ann Moss, Effie Price, Doris Morgan, Mildred Wilkerson, Shirley Lawing, Mary Swann, Helen Jones, Floyd Haynes, Mary Morgan; (fourth row) Edith Evans, Thomas Hall, Ronald McFalls, Richard Rose, Joann Lawing, Louise Cook, Doris Reel, Rose Ann Hensley, Doris Ledbetter, Hazel Bolick, Kate Morgan, Mary Ruth Cox; (fifth row) Shirell Dixon, Glenn Marlowe, Maxine Veirs, Edna Seaman, Anne Haney, Marie Finchum, Millie Lawing, Betty Morgan, Connie Vess, Laura Morgan, Helen Evans; (sixth row) Mikcey Poteat, Zula Mae Sprouse, Mildred Rhom, advisor Eunice Elmore, Walter Harris, Agnes Wilkerson.





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