Left to right (first row) Pearl Bowman, Laura Bowman, Mary Holland, Lillie Pyatt, Josie Pyatt, Ruby Mangum, Shannon Simmons, Everett Lawing, Thomas Bridges, Horace England, Teacher Valley Wilson, rural school supervisor Maude Bernard, Principal Reverend Will Hill; (second row) Thelma Bowman, Bertie Lawing, Alice Hensley, Glenn Snipes, James Hensley, Floyd Norton, Roy Withrow, Ivey Holland, Fate Bridges, Carlton Holland, Peeler Pyatt, Peeler England, Ezra Norton, Pearl Snipes, Ethel Crawley, Robie England; (third row) Ola England, Pearl White, Pinkie Pyatt, Rebecca Holland, Sue Lawing, Rittie Pyatt, Della Crawley, Dan Crawley, Fred Withrow, Ben Simmons, Garland Norton, Jim England, Reid Holland, Claude England; (fourth row) Ora Hensley, Pearl Snipes, Annie Bowman, Rosa Holland, Vertie Withrow, Rosa Pyatt, Robert Crawley, Fleming Snipes, Kenneth Hensley, James Bowman, Mark Toney, Dave Bridges, George England; (fifth row) Astor Yelton, Willie Sorrels, Ennis Lawing Lonnie Snipes, Margie Bowman, Ruth Yelton, William Lawing, Furman Pyatt, Dallas Rowe, Paul Sorrels, Dan Rowe, Floyd Lawing.





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