Ten photographs by Charles Killebrew, a photographer from Rocky Mount, N.C. The collection includes: interior of the Belk-Tyler's Store; a band playing outside of the Belk-Tyler's, the reverse reads, "Grand Opening - Belk & Mall April 27, 1972;" two adults in uniform raising the American flag; one person showing three others how the cash register works, the reverse reads, "April 27, 1972 First computerized cash registers in retail east of Raleigh (Hudson-Belk) C.B. Martin, Harry Hull, James Hubbard, and Winnie Hull;" interior of Belk-Tyler's with a group of people talking, the reverse reads, "L.H. Fountain, Dr. Jack Riley, Edna & Harry Alderman;" James Hubbard showing Arthur Tyler one of the new cash registers, the reverse reads, "James Hubbard & Arthur Tyler;" a group of five adults standing inside Belk-Tyler's; interior of the Belk-Tyler's store, the reverse reads, "Lyman Forbes in foreground;" exterior of the Belk-Tyler Automotive Center; Three adults standing outside, L.H. Fountain in the middle.



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