A picture of people inside of Belk's.;  A picture of six people standing in front of the suit coat section of the store.;  A picture of people standing in line outside of Belk's.;  A picture of the ribbon cutting at the new Belk-Tyler in Tarboro.;  A picture of the window at Belk-Tyler when the store was on Main Street. The window says that it is an "Up-Side Down Sale." Everything in the window is upside down.;  A picture of Belk-Tyler when it was on Main Street in Tarboro.  The store was then called the Belk-Tyler Company.;  A picture of the opening of the new Belk-Tyler in the mall.;  A picture of a photo of the outside of Belk-Tyler Company on Main Street.;  A picture of the outside of the Belk-Tyler Automotive Center. Information on back of picture is labeled "cheap gas problem."  The reverse of the picture reads, "Opening Day gas was .25 9/10 - sold at a loss to get folks come in to shop. Harry Alderman - police chief called James Hubbard to ask him to 'stop' the sale of cheap gas - as traffic backed up all the way to Howard Avenue and Main Street."; A picture of the mock up of Belk-Tyler in the mall in Tarboro.;  A picture of the side of Belk-Tyler store showing the garden shop.;  A picture of the outside of Belk's in the snow.





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