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Interview with Barbara Hedgepeth (born 9/21/51) as part of the Nash County Cultural Center Oral History Project. Hedgepeth discusses growing up in the rural Nash County community of Spring Hope. She mentions that her parents were farmers, and lists the chores for which she and her siblings were responsible: gathering firewood, drawing water, etc. She details the difference between the bathrooms then versus now. She explains that activities outside of Spring Hope were rare, because the family did not own a car. She describes monthly excursions to Rocky Mount for shopping; remembers a trip to the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh. Hedgepeth says she attended Spaulding High School; mentions being in Glee Club and having a dress code. She opines that her generation had far more respect for teachers than current students, and attributes this to modern parenting having a lack of emphasis on teaching humility. Hedgepeth reflects on her family’s experience during Hurricane Hazel, and compares it to her experience during Hurricane Fran. A longtime member of Cedar Rock Baptist Church, she discusses the role of the church in the lives of her family members. She details participating in and witnessing baptisms at a river near the church. Hedgepeth reflects on large annual memorial services held in honor of community members whom had died during the year. She says these events were known as the Burial Association, were run by Mr. William Tony, and featured gospel singing, meals, and a parade. She mentions that the event was passed down to William Tony from his father, Jack Tony; describes the large impact William Tony had on people within the community.





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