Home and 1914 Ford of John Mast, brother of J.C. (Pete) Mast. John Mast is standing by the car in a suit and Clyde Corum, a farm hand, is at the front of the car. On the steps of the house, from left to right: Nettie Greer, boarding with John and Nan Mast; Cleo Mast, wife of Clarence J. Mast (they were visiting); Nan Mast, wife of John Mast; Nora Mast, the youngest child of Pete Mast, in front of Nan Mast; and Clarence J. Mast, oldest child of Pete and Nora P. Mast. This Ford was one of the first three cars in the Cove Creek Community. They were shipped by railroad to Shouns, Tennessee. A man from the factory came with them, drove the cars to the owners, showed them how to drive the cars, and then went home. These cars were hand cranked and had carbide headlights.





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