Watauga County Civil War Sergeant for the Watauga Democrat, September 5, 1975.
Transcription: Some men from this county who served in the Civil War as sergeants were Jordan B. Phillips, J. C. Coffey, Alfred Greene, J. D. Coffey, Simon P. Shull, R. H. Farthing, W. W. Farthing, Wellington Adams, George W. Patrick, L. W. Farthing, Y. Y. Farthing, Young Swift, G. W. Lowrance, Moses Fox, W. H. Hillard, J. Adams, Jacob Gurley, C. D. Harmon, Jas. T. Adams, Richmond Bailey, Jas. Homington, Jas. Brwer, Joel Hendren, Jas. Blair, Joe Helems, W. T. Blair, Josh Harrell, John Breckwelle, Jas. Love, T. A. Cable, J. F. McLain, G. W. Cable, J. A. Crain, M. A. Coon, Nathan Croom, Thos. Love, W. F. Munday, M. E. Munday, Amos Morrison, Willis Muse, W. L. Norwood, Jacob Grant, Lewis Grant, G. M. Ricks, C. M. Rogers, George Satterwait, J. A. Shook, T. P. Shull, J. C. Shull, Moses Teague, Daniel Teague, A. J. Teague, Marion Wilson, J. C. Lusk, Eli South, David Hicks, B. C. Dugger, Redmond Price, Thomas Price, W. L. Foster, William Hollers, J. W. Mitchell, Bartlett Hartley, T. A. Alexander, and John Townsend. This information was furnished by relatives of the late Hattie Farthing.





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