Newspaper article with photograph showing gathering of community leaders.
Transcription: This convivial gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Linney in October 1949 gave local photographer Palmer Blair a moment to record for posterity. Unfortunately, only one of these community leaders is still living, dates of the others' deaths oddly within a few years of each other. Seated, from left, are: Dr. B.B., Dougherty who died at 85 on May 27, 1957; Mr. John W. Hodges, who died September 12, 1955, at 89; J.M. Moretz, who was 84 at his death April 5, 1952; and G.G. Wilcox, 84 at his death March 23, 1954. Standing from left: Will Todd, 89, when he died December 15, 1951; Ab. (A.W.) Smith, 73 at his death February 21, 1953; Walter Horton (information not listed); Tipton Greene, age not given, who died October 10, 1952; Will Carter, 84, expired November 9, 1952; and Mr. Ed Cullers, who at 101, is a client of a retirement home in Boone. Others on hand but not in photo were W.D. Farthing, Rob Rivers and Paul Coffey.





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