Clipping from the Watuga Democrat
Transcription: Thanks to Sarah C. Mast of Valle Crucis, we can present a photo of the movers and shakers of the 1930s. The Boone Chamber of Commerce: (front row from left) Dr. G.K. Moose, Watt Gragg, D.J. Cottrell, A.E. South, John Sproles, Sam Sullivan of Florida, G.P. Hagaman and E.N. Hahn; (middle row from left) Rev. P.A. Hicks, S.C. Eggers Sr., Howard Mast, Dr. I.G. Greer, Fred McDade, C.M. Roy Critcher, W.C. Greer and L.L. Bingham; and (standing from left) R.D. Hodges, Tracy Council, Frank Moore, Rev. J.P. Burl, Leo Vaughn, Lloyd Isaacs, a minister (name unknown), Lloyd Eller and a Methodist minister, also unnamed. Fedoras were in, as you can see, and some wore their ties only half-way down their shirts. The style of their jackets has been in, out and back ""in"" again in the five decades since.



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