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Oral interview of Mary Lee Mills Hicks that took place in June 6, 1996 detailing Hicks' memory of living in the Rocky Mount Mill Community. She begins by mentioning her moving to the area for the first time at around the age of 4 years old and moving with her parents to Rocky Mount. At 15 years old she went back to middle school after the war. She recalls working in the finishing department 2nd shift running winders at Rocky Mount Mills. Since she was underage, she was only allowed to work 7 hours. She mentions how she started off earning $1.28 for the first few years and meeting her husband at the mill. She remembers all the houses near her, and the middle school belonging to Rocky Mount Mills as well as the time period when the men were drafted for World War II and women took over the men's jobs in the mills. She felt like women were always paid less even while doing the majority of the work. Hicks continues to talk about fun times and personal stories like driving her husband's vehicle, her family being made up of good cooks, and her not choosing to eat collards made by anyone besides her mother.





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