Beam twisting room, Loray Mill
C, D, E & F, show the hank clocks on a view of a Beam Twisting room. You will look close, directly over the above letters and clock, almost like an automobile speedometer. This is called a hank clock. Rollers and Threads are shown by an -O-. A- is what is called a beam, a different kind of yarn, have different no. of threads wound together. In this view, 5 threads are unwound from the beam, under over roller, over the second and under the third, then wound on bobbins (B). This is all done by an electric moto, attached to the ceiling, and a belt ramming down to the end of the grame, motor is located by an X, on the ceiling and left and end of frame, by Y. These letters are all on one end and everyone there, so look close. K.S.P.





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