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Braxton Lee Sherrod was born in Nash County to sharecropper parents. As a child, he remembers playing simple tunes on a Louisiane coffee bucket and a plastic ukulele. He got his first guitar from his uncle in exchange for priming tobacco for a day when he was sixteen. Sherrod’s philosophy is that if you love music, you can play it. After marrying his wife Bonnie, he began playing with others in the community. At the time of the recording, he taught guitar at Nash Community College. Mr. Sherrod recalls local musicians he knew throughout his life, including Tab Pollard, Simon Robbins, the Carolina Partners, Lefty Hale, and Therapin Winstead. Mr. Sherrod talks about working on tobacco farms and in Pope’s Dime Store to support himself and his family while he was in high school. After graduating, he worked for Burlington Industries. He also remembers various stories from his young adult years, such as the challenges that came with owning his first house and seeing president Truman when he visited Nashville. The recording finishes with a performance by Mr. Sherrod, playing guitar and singing “I Am a Pilgrim.”





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