Row 1: Cathy Byrd (daughter of Jewel and Worth Byrd) and Barrett Lassiter (son of Daisy and Jack Lassiter). Row 2: Nancy Christian, Gail Strickland, Marty Layton, nan Kelley, Marilyn McKinney, Betty Gray Taylor, Zelma Blackmon, Chris Johnson, Tommy Horton, CarlJohnson, Curtis Stephens, Henry Wilkins. Row 3: Phyllis Thomas, Marie Suggs, Martha Quick, Sylvia Johnson, Cynthia Byrd, Donald Byrd, Beverly Bethune, Harold Bell, Ginger Johnson, Anne Gregory, Ted Matthews, Billy Black, Dorothy Autry. Row 4: Jeanette Bennett, Dorothy McNeill, Linda Whittington, Janice Temple, Lespie McNeill, Norwood Hudson, Buddy Morgan, Judy McKay, Brenda Wilburn, Karen Yarborough, Stanley Bishop, Bobby Thomas. Row 5: Lana Coleman, Betty Gilbert, Dorothy Brock, Cheryl Byrd, Van Milton, Richard Bradsher, Smith Butts, Beatty Leonard, David Stephens, Daniel McPhail, James Brantley, Raymond Garriss. Row 6: Foster Byrd, Ronnie Johnson, Kenneth Sexton, Gary Black, Larry Morgan, Pat Hannon, Bobby McDonald, Gary Turlington, Neill McDonald, Leslie Matthews, Billy Dorman, Thedmon Tart. Not Pictured, butgraduated in this class: Tommy McNeill. (information given by Marilyn McKinney Allison.





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