Carpenters in front of Boone Hardware. Some of the adults identified in the photograph are Enzer Beacg, Will Hodges, Frank Cullers and Pink Hodges.
Transcription: Carpenters all in a row. The gentleman on the left and the one second from right are unidentified, but the others (from left) are: Enzer Beach, Will Hodges, Frank Cullers (a brother of Ed Cullers) and on the end, at right, Pink Hodges, A.T. and Daisy Adams place the date of this picture around 1922, when Boone Hardware occupied the building known since 1924 as Farmers Hardware. The doorway in center, complete with the antique glass overhead, is today's entrance on King Street in Olde Boone to Byerly and Miller, CPAs. At left, screen door slightly askew, is the historic hom of The Northwestern Bank, of which Adams was chief executive for so many years. Now Farmers Hardware also owns the bank building, having expanded its merchandise into it some years ago.





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