Alice Mae Davis Harris was born to Sarah and Dallas Davis in Franklin County and is the youngest child of ten brothers and sisters. Her father enjoyed hunting, and the family would often eat the things he was able to kill, such as rabbit, raccoon, and possum. Harris discusses how her family would prepare these meals. Her father did not want her to attend school but rather to just work on the farm, so she only completed school up to 8th grade at Eagle Rock, which her and her siblings walked six miles to get to. She discusses first getting running water in her home--but only cold water, not hot. Harris talks about learning to sew at thirteen and receiving a Singer sewing machine that had to be powered by a pedal. Harris had four children with her husband, but the second oldest passed away at 22 years old in 1978. She says that "by the help of the Lord" she was able to get through it.





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