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Eva Mae Fogg Hicks Bobbitt was born in 1932 in a community called Preacher Balls in Franklin County, between Cedar Rock and Walnut Grove. She grew up in her grandparents' house, along with her mother, one sister, and two cousins. She recalls playing in the branch near the house, and making dolls with her sister from grass and rags. At Christmas the children would each put out a shoebox, and in the morning the box would be filled with fruit, nuts, and a store-bought toy (for the girls, usually a doll). At Easter they would go to church and have a hunt afterwards with undyed boiled hen eggs. As a child Bobbitt went with her grandfather to Walnut Grove Church for Sunday School every Sunday except one, when a pastor held once-a-month services at her grandmother's church, Cedar Rock, which they would attend. She recalls the following pastors: Reverends H. K. Herring, Hedgebess (Hedgepeth?), Burgess, Gill, and White. They would go to church in their wagon, which she called a buggy. Bobbitt's great-grandmother and grandmother were members of Cedar Rock, and in fact her grandmother, Lucy Fogg, was known as a Church Mother. Lucy would bake the communion bread (the special process is described). Bobbitt recalls happy church events like homecoming and Children's Days. She was baptized in 1945 in Gordon's Pond. The baptisms had to be held late that year (late October) despite the cold, because that year President Roosevelt had contracted polio and people were told to stay out of the water during the summer. She was married twice and still lives with her second husband, a chef at Country Inn in Spring Hope. They have one daughter and one grandchild.





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