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Interview with Juanita Bloodworth Howell (b. 7/3/1930) as part of the Nash County Cultural Center Oral History Project. Howell reflects on growing up in Rocky Mount, NC; mentioning where she went to school, and listing department stores and movie theaters downtown. She discusses working at a number of different stores as well as at the Tower Drive-In. Howell speaks about her father working for the railroad, and growing produce and cows on their property inside the city limits. She briefly describes killing and cleaning chickens, and her method of preparing collard greens. The primary focus of the interview centers around the beauty parlor operated by her mother, Sadie Bloodworth. Howell details her mother’s path from doing their neighbors’ hair, to attending cosmetology school in Fayetteville, and opening her own salon out of an addition on the family’s home at 313 Powell Street. She describes a lack of privacy with the business being attached to the house. She details processes and equipment used, including permanent wave machines and hair dryers; mentions trips to Koster Beauty Supply in Wilson, NC. Howell says there were 2-3 additional operators at the salon, and says she helped shampoo the hair of customers when necessary. She says dealing with difficult customers turned her off to the idea of following in her mother’s footsteps. She briefly mentions that she was married, but got divorced. She says all of her children were delivered by Dr. Walls at the Rocky Mount Sanitarium; lists a few other injuries treated and procedures done at the hospital.





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