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Interview with Clyde Vernon Leonard (b. 6/25/1934) as part of the Nash County Cultural Center Oral History Project. Leonard talks about the gold mining community of Argo. He tells a tale of a traveling peddler who found gold flecks in mud used to build his Uncle John Harper’s cabin; says this led to a gold rush in the area which was the catalyst for the mine and community of Argo being built. Leonard says there were two other mines built in Nash County at the time as well: Portis Mine and Wood Mine. He recalls playing in nearby forests when he was a child, and being warned of an abundance of empty mine shafts throughout the area. Leonard details the location of Argo, placing it near the junction of Taylor Store Road and William Pullen Farm Road. He points out that the building which is now Community Chapel Church was moved to its current location, and had previously been used by the Argo community as a church or school. He speaks about the origins of the miners who lived and worked in Argo; says they were mostly experienced coal miners from Pennsylvania. Leonard describes a Sunday School book from 1896 which listed members of the Argo church and community; says the book was affiliated with a church based in Philadelphia. He mentions his cousin, Linda Taylor, has an original copy of the book; points out that she lives on the land where gold was found in his uncle’s cabin. Leonard says a lack of significant findings of gold at Argo led to the abandonment of the mine and community.





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