James L. Chaffin died in September 1921. In June 1925, his son James Pinkney Chaffin claims that his father appeared to him in a dream with instructions about his last will in his overcoat pocket. Chaffin's estate had gone to the second son based on the will filed at the Clerk's office in 1905. The second son had died so the land now belonged to his widow, who contested the new will discovered as a result of J.P.'s dream. On the court date, the remaining three brothers conferred with the widow and an agreement was reached to split the estate four ways. The court decreed the new will valid. Did in fact the ghost of James L. Chaffin reveal his true last will to his son in a dream? The mystery remains. Chaffin's tombstone is inscribed, somewhat ironically, "thy will be done."



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