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Randy Green, a member of Cedar Rock Baptist Church in Nash County, was born in 1970 in Franklin County and grew up in Garden Falls. He attended school at Golden Sands Elementary and Edward Best School, graduating from Bunn High School. As a boy he split his time between living with his father and his mother, who were separated. He talks with fondness about life with his father, who taught him to hunt, build things, and fix things. With his father he built a number of dog houses and outhouses for friends and neighbors, and he describes the process of building the latter. Between them his father and grandfather owned and hunted 30 rabbit dogs, six deer dogs, and three or four yard dogs (the yard dogs were used for hunting raccoons). Green describes hunting the different types of animals and gives details about what to do with each kind of game, including cooking and pelt-preparation. He says they would keep and dry out the skins of the raccoons and sell them to a merchant in Rocky Mount. Green started working on the farm at the age of seven, driving the tractor for two dollars an hour, and at age nine was put to cropping tobacco for two dollars and fifty cents an hour. At the time of the interview Green was working full-time at the Tony Lumber Company doing maintenance work and running equipment. He became a member of the Cedar Rock Baptist Church, very close to his own home, in 1988, and was baptized that year. In the same year Green enlisted in the Army. He says the most frightening time of his life was his 19 weeks of basic training. Subsequently he served two years of active duty (his main training was in field artillery) and six in the reserves. Currently, he says, he will help others out on their farms on weekends if asked, and he enjoys fishing for catfish, bass, and crappie. He is not married. He says that his Army experience was helpful because it made him less shy.





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